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This site is dedicated to the efforts of Staffordshire Bull Terriers and their handlers who train, trial and title in sporting activities in Australia, and is testament to the breeders of such dogs. The goal of this site is to create a place where the efforts of these wonderful dog-handler teams and their breeders are captured in perpetuity.

Whilst acknowledged, we consider the original function of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier to be utterly abhorrent and appalling. There is no place for those historical tests of function of our beloved breed in modern times, yet it raises the question – how will we uphold the active fit for function Stafford, full of intelligence, boldness, athleticism and great strength for size (and a most wonderful companion) – if all he or she does is sleep on the lounge or do a lap of the show ring? The show ring judge rightly seeks to find and award breed type to the specimen they believe best fits the breed standard. However in those short show ring minutes there is little time, nor avenue, to assess those other less tangible attributes that form the essence of the Stafford character:

  • General Appearance: Smooth coated, well balanced, of great strength for his size. Muscular, active and agile
  • Characteristics: Traditionally of indomitable courage and tenacity. Highly intelligent and affectionate especially with children.
  • Temperament: Bold, fearless and totally reliable.

As custodians of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier we strive to test and maintain these breed attributes through sporting activities; to encourage fit for function, and to represent the breed’s best interests to the general public. We hope this site can contribute to this goal by recognising the achievements of Staffords who have gained titles in their sport/s. We equally hope it encourages participation from newcomers and supports and inspires a new generation of Stafford folk to discover the joy of training and develop a special partnership with their dog.

For those not familiar with sporting titles and acronyms, it may be helpful to highlight the pinnacle achievement of ‘Champion’ is not available in every sport.  It is noteworthy that the ANKC benchmark to achieve the title of Champion in Obedience, Rally O, Agility, Tracking and Track & Search is exceptionally high and takes years of training and consistent trialling to achieve. We especially recognise those Staffords and their handlers who have achieved this award.

We have greatly enjoyed developing this site and collating the data and photos contained herein. ANKC records commenced 1977 and from 130,000 Staffordshire Bull Terrier registrations over this period, 2.5% were awarded a title. Of those only 0.2% were titled in a sporting discipline. We are proud to represent this small number of extraordinary Staffords and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Yours in Staffords,

Kim Crumpton and Belinda O’Shea

Footnote: the content for this site for pedigree names, dates and titles was obtained from the official ANKC database in 2018. Most dog sports in Australia are under the auspices of the ANKC. However, a number of Staffords involved in the non-ANKC affiliated sports Flyball and Nose Work were not represented in the ANKC database and so data was collated for these dogs from confirmed sources. We warmly welcome submission of additions and corrections to the site for ANKC-registered Staffordshire Bull Terriers who has achieved a sporting title that is not represented here, or for whom the details in the ANKC database are not correct. Changes will require source documents to verify the change/addition, so we can ensure integrity of the data.

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